What drives us

Crafty. Durable. Unique.

Handmade swings

Crafty. Durable. Unique.

We manufacture first-class, unusually resilient and durable swings from solid oak planks with elaborately hand-spliced ropes in our master craftsman's workshop. Every step of the process is handmade. What we do here cannot be mass-produced in this way. Aspects such as quality, durability, origin, the ecological balance and the story behind our products and the brand HUTSCHN® should become a transparent and sustainable experience that can be enjoyed for as long as possible and over and over again. Based on this conviction, we manufacture swings of outstanding quality that have what it takes to become real favourites and new heirlooms.

And what makes them so special?

The wood

HUTSCHN® are made purely by hand from solid oak blocks. We deliberately do not use artificial drying, gluing or bending under steam. We achieve the ergonomic bend of the rocking board exclusively by working it out of the high-quality oak wood block.

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The rope

We splice the special ropes of the HUTSCHN in pure manual labour in our workshop in Bischofswiesen. In this process - unique for swings - the ropes are permanently and particularly robustly connected to the hat board. The splice cannot be made by any machine.

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The suspension

With our suspension, swings become unusually flexible and even mobile. Our Hutschn®system is easy to handle, easily height-adjustable and also highly loadable (2.2 tonnes).

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The joy

Worldwide - across all cultures: people like to swing. The sight of swings triggers an impulse not only in children but also in adults: Sit on it, push off, swing away. The body is in motion. The world is in motion. Swinging relaxes, creates confidence and courage. Swinging fascinates again and again.

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The sustainability

80% of all children's toys with a total value of almost 7.2 billion euros still come from the Far East. The figures of the European Commission show: Toys are fatally high on the list of dangerous products. At HUTSCHN® you get only sustainably manufactured products 100% Made in Germany.

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The craft

As each swing is made from a different piece of wood, it has its own unmistakable feel and look, in other words: its own unique character. Knots, intergrowths and wormholes are natural features and make yours unique and unmistakable. HUTSCHN unique and unmistakable. The wood of our HUTSCHN is pure nature. No glue, no additives, no chemicals. We also rely on ecologically sound, cold-pressed linseed oil for the maintenance oil. Precision takes time. Therefore, there is no automated process in our production. The woodworking alone involves 15 careful steps. Each swing is made by hand from an approx. 10 cm thick block of solid wood. Without gluing. Without steam bending. Knots, intergrowths and wormholes are natural features and make yours a unique piece. HUTSCHN to a unique specimen. Their feel and look are unique.
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The Berchtesgadener Land

High-quality products have been made from wood here for centuries.
The tradition of making and distributing wooden toys in the Berchtesgadener Land, so-called "Berchtesgadener War" dates back to the 15th century. As early as the beginning of the 16th century, it was exported to all of Europe and overseas and served as an important source of sideline income for several hundred locals until the beginning of the 19th century. After that, demand collapsed completely, partly because of the emergence of tin toys. Some Berchtesgaden Protestants - driven out of their homeland at that time - settled in the Nuremberg area and are considered the co-founders of the Nuremberg toy industry.
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All over the world - across all cultures - children and adults love to swing. Sit on it, push off, swing away. The body is in motion. The world is in motion. Swinging decelerates, creates confidence and courage. Rocking is slow food for the soul. 

What drives us

The three of us have rediscovered what we once knew as children: swinging makes you happy and free! Without lazy compromises, we therefore began in our spare time at the beginning of 2017 to build an unusually high-quality and durable swing purely by hand. A distinctive demand on all materials and the manufacturing of our products is a special value to which we are committed. With timeless design and appropriate sustainability through quality, our products are not created for the current season, but are meant to delight you for decades and ideally be passed down from generation to generation. Our swings stand for social transformation in the sense of an appreciative and altogether more future-proof economy. Despite high demand, we have consciously decided against commercial mass production. In our project, we are also constantly looking for opportunities to use the swings, for example, at interfaces in the cultural and creative industries, to overcome boundaries and, through this, to see the world with different eyes.

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You are not sure which HUTSCHN you should choose, where and how to hang it, which accessories you need? Or do you have general questions about construction and suspension? If you are already planning a specific Hutschn If you are already planning a specific location, then ideally send us pictures of the desired hanging location and precise measurements and height information to hallo@hutschn.de so that we can make you a concrete offer without obligation.

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