The joy

Adults are often reluctant to sit on a swing. But as soon as they swing, they laugh - talk about their childhood and rejoice. Somehow, swinging is slow food for the soul. It decelerates while you accelerate. Where blind faith in progress and high-tech globalisation are exhausting, familiar feelings from childhood - like rocking - seem to have an almost healing effect.

What's more: the centre of balance in the ear is stimulated by the steady, gentle movement. This has an effect on the whole body. In a swing, even slight shifts in weight repeatedly stimulate different muscles and the spine retains its natural curvature. At the same time, the upper body remains upright and breathing becomes much easier. This in turn improves the oxygen supply and blood circulation in the body - concentration and learning ability increase.

Rocking also has an effect on our brain: Endorphins are released, which not only make us happy, but also reduce the sensation of pain. The pulse slows down, stress falls away from us and it is easier to come to rest - no wonder that children fall asleep better in the cradle and adults quickly regain their strength in a hammock or a swing, for example.

If then the special quality and history of a product become recognisable, it becomes an intense experience that makes you happy again and again. You don't have to explain it. It just feels good.

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