2 handmade end splices
2 handmade end splices

Two handmade Augspleisse at the end of the two Hutschnseile made to individual desired length. This time-consuming finish requires the highest level of precision in terms of craftsmanship, as it is imperative that both Aug splices have exactly the same spacing. This form of suspension is particularly aesthetic.

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You are not sure which HUTSCHN you should choose, where and how to hang it, which accessories you need? Or do you have general questions about construction and suspension? If you are already planning a specific Hutschn If you are already planning a specific location, then ideally send us pictures of the desired hanging location and precise measurements and height information to hallo@hutschn.de so that we can make you a concrete offer without obligation.

Alternatively, fill out the form below and we will help you plan your personal and individual solution. HUTSCHN - solution.

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